John Malise Anne Graham

John Malise Anne Graham was born 19 July 1869, son of General Sir Samuel James Graham, He was commissioned in the Royal Lancaster Regiment 9 November 1889; became Lieutenant 19 August 1891; was Adjutant, Royal Lancaster Regiment 12 July 1895 to 31 December 1896; was employed with the Egyptian Army from 1 January 1897, serving in the Nile Expeditions of 1897 & 1898, when he took part in the Expedition to Shendy and the Battles of Atbara and Khartoum, the Relief of Gedaref and the Expedition to Kaka. He further served in the Nile Expedition of 1899, as ADC to Lord Kitchener, in the operations in the first advance against the Khalifa. He served as a Captain in the South African War, 1899-1902 as a Special Service Officer. He was severely wounded at Diamond Hill (11 and 12 June). He served as Adjutant to a Mounted Infantry Battalion, May and June 1900; and was awarded the DSO.

Graham retired on 4 July 1903, joining the Special Reserve. He was commanding the 3rd Battalion at the outbreak of war, and awarded a Bar to the Distinguished Service Order. He retired in 1918. He commanded 3rd Royal Lancaster to August 1915, and  19th Lancashire Fusiliers until January 1918. His son, Lieutenant Charles Hamilton Malise Graham served with the 1st Battalion in the First World War and was killed in action on 12 April 1917.

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